Other Services

Everyone wants accounts that are easy to access and maintain. These services were designed with our members' convenience in mind.


eValley is Roanoke Valley Community CU's online account access system. Using this system, you can view account balances, make transfers between accounts, look for specific transactions, and more. You can even build custom queries in order to access the account information that matters most to you.





When you register for eValley, you can also choose to sign up for Bill Payer+ and eStatements. Bill Payer + allows you to pay your bills without the hassle of mailing checks. You can also set up bills to be paid automatically, which eliminates the worry of late payments. Using eStatements is not only environmentally friendly, but allows you to access your statement before you would normally receive it in the mail.

Members with Checking Accounts at RVCCU also have access to Remote Deposit. With this easy app, you can use eValley on your Android or iOs smart phone to desposit checks. Just snap a picture of the check from wherever you are and it will be deposited into your account. Restrictions apply to the use of this service, so please contact an FSR to learn more and sign up.

See our Printable Forms page for a registration form or contact an FSR for more information.

Security and eValley

RVCCU has taken many precautions to insure that your personal account information remains safe and protected.

The first method of defense is your eValley password.  The credit union supplies you with a temporary password for your initial eValley session.  For greater security, once you have entered eValley, you are encouraged to choose your own password.  Your password can be from four to twenty characters long and must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number.  The password is case sensitive.  For security reasons, there will be no record of your password at the credit union.  If you forget your password, you must call the credit union office at (540) 982-3931 to request a temporary replacement password.

It is your responsibility to protect your eValley password, just as you would protect an ATM card identification number.  Be very careful about sharing your password.  Never reveal your password.  No one from the credit union will ever call or email you to ask for your password.

The second line of defense is encryption.  Your account information is protected as it passes from our credit union computer to your personal computer.  The information is encoded before it is sent out and is only decoded when you receive it through your Internet browser.  The encryption insures that third parties cannot intercept your account information.  More information on encryption and secure servers is available from Thawte.

key Secured by Thawte


vMember Connect

Even now, there are still times when accessing the internet to get account information isn't possible. Or perhaps you are still more comfortable using the phone than a computer. Whatever the reason, you can use the Member Connect telephone system to access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Just call 540-52-RVFCU (540-527-8328) from any touch-tone phone to check your balance, make transaction inquiries, transfer funds between accounts, and more.

See our Printable Forms page for a registration form or contact an FSR for more information.

vDirect Deposit and Payroll Deduction

Most employers now offer their employees the option of having their paychecks automatically deposited into their accounts. If your employer offers this great benefit, RVCCU is ready. Direct Deposit not only saves you the time of depositing your paycheck yourself, but often means that you get your funds earlier than you would otherwise.

Many of Roanoke Valley Community CU's Partner Companies offer Payroll Deduction for RVCCU accounts. You can use Payroll Deduction to put a portion of your earnings into any of our Deposit Accounts or you can make payments on an RVCCU Loan this way.

If you are interested in these services, please contact your employer's Human Resource Office.