You bring the dreams-
we'll bring the dollars.

Our HELOC can bring your dreams to life.

Our great terms, low rates, and flexibility make borrowing easy.

  • You get a 1.89% Introductory APR for 12 months.
  • After the intro period, your rate will be as low as Prime  to  Prime+4%.
    (based on your credit history)
  • You may be able to lock in your rate with our HybridHELOCk option.
  • You'll have no payments for 90 days.
  • We'll cover closing costs up to $750.
  • We'll pay you a $500 Member Loyalty Reward
    after you keep your loan for 36 months.
  • You may be able to borrow up to 80% Loan to Value.
  • You'll get convenience checks to make accessing your funds easier.


Here's how it works:

A Home Equity Line of Credit is subject to credit approval and restrictions may apply. Our Financial Service Representatives can give you more details and answer any questions you may have.

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will be fixed at 1.89% for 12 months after your Line of Credit is opened. After the introductory period, your approved APR will be between Prime+0% and Prime+4%, depending on your home's Loan-to-Value, your credit history, and other underwriting factors. The APR may vary quarterly according to the Prime Rate as published by the Wall Street Journal and will not exceed 18.00% and will not go below 3.99%. The Prime Rate as of 12/14/17 is 4.50%.

No payments will be required for 90 days. After 90 days, your payment will be at least $100 per month for as long as the loan carries a balance. A typical payment at 1.89% APR will be $174.67 per $10,000 balance. A typical payment at 4.50% APR will be $186.19 per $10,000 balance.

RVCCU will cover up to $750 of the closing costs associated with the loan, including a $500 Origination Fee. The Origination Fee will be refunded to you after keeping your loan active and in good standing for 36 months. Other closings costs include an Appraisal, Attorney Document Preparation, Flood Certification, and Recording Costs. Total closing costs will vary but will typically be at least $1,250. You will be responsible for all closing costs above $750. Property Insurance is required. Flood Insurance may be required.

We are an Equal Housing Lender. View information about the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act and our HMDA Disclosure.