More Money. Less Stress.

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Don't sweat this shopping season.

  • Your list is bigger than your budget?
    Borrow up to $1,500.
  • Feel like you're running out of time?
    Applying only takes a few minutes.
  • Your credit history isn't the best?
    Approval doesn't depend on your credit score.
    No credit check is required for current members.
  • Worried about making payments during the holidays?
    Holiday Helper payments won't start until January.
  • Wondering what you'll do next holiday season?
    Make your payments on time and the loan will be gone before it's time to shop again.


Additional Information

Applications are typically available between September 1 and December 31.

No credit check is for current members only. New members will have their identity verified through a credit report as required by our Member Identification Program.

This loan is for qualified applicants only. Approved loan amount will be tiered to $500, $1,000, or $1,500 based on qualifications. Loans will report to the major credit reporting agencies and will be cross-collateralized with your other RVCCU loans. Members may not qualify if any accounts with the credit union are not in good standing or if current loans and/or Member Privilege have been delinquent. Member must have never caused a loss to the credit union. Direct deposit is required. Other qualifications may apply. All applicants will be charged a non-refundable $75 fee that will be deducted from the loan amount.