Get Ready to Get Ahead

You've got plans. We can help.

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Make big purchases without guilt. Get out of debt. Face a money emergency head on. It sounds wonderful—and you can do it.

Start planning ahead instead of getting behind.

Problem: You need a vacation this year!
  • Solution: Use our Cookie Jar account to start building up your vacation money now.
Problem: You know how quickly next year's holidays will be here.
  • Solution: Use our Christmas Club Account to save up for next year a little bit at a time. Even small deposits can add up quickly.
Problem: You can't stop thinking about buying a new car.
  • Solution: Use our Car Club account to save up for your down payment or even the whole cost. Then, when you're ready to buy, we'll give you a rate discount if you get your auto loan through us.

Get debt off of your back and off your mind.

Problem: Making payments on your high-interest debt is killing your budget.
  • Solution #1: Open a Visa Credit Card with us and transfer your other card balances to get a lower interest rate. This move can save you a lot of money in the long run. Then make sure you stop using your old card so you don't make things worse.
  • Solution #2: Consolidate all of your debts into one payment with a Home Equity Loan or HELOC. Making one, low-interest payment may save you plenty of money and stress, as long as you stick to a plan stay away from adding more debt afterwards.

Don't let bad luck set you back or even put you under.

Problem: You're not psychic. You can't predict when disaster might strike. You just know that it will.
  • Solution #1: A big, expensive problem will happen to everyone. A strong Savings Account is your disaster protection. Just start saving—even if it's small! Something is better than nothing.
  • Solution #2: After your savings grows, you'll want to think about a Money Market Account to get a higher interest rate while keeping the flexibility for withdrawals.

One key to saving money and paying down debt is to pay into your account first and do it regularly. Direct deposit and payroll deduction make this step the easiest of all. You can have the money you want to save automatically put into your account, or set up automatic payments so you'll never worry about a missed payment or late fee.

If you have any questions about how RVCCU can help you get started on a savings or debt consolidation plan, please email us at or call (540) 982‑3931.