Online Banking & Loans

eValley Account Access

Access your account online and on mobile.

It's the secure, fast, easy, and free way to handle your account.

View and store your statements online.

Stop waiting for the mail and start getting eStatements.

Pay bills online with Bill Payer+.

Stop worrying about late fees and mailing checks.

Your account security is our highest priority.

RVCCU has taken many precautions to insure that your personal account information remains safe and protected.

1. Your Password
The first method of defense is your eValley password. The credit union supplies you with a temporary password for your initial eValley session. For greater security, once you have entered eValley, you are encouraged to choose your own password. Your password can be from four to twenty characters long and must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number. The password is case sensitive.

For security reasons, there will be no record of your password at the credit union. If you forget your password, you will be given the option to reset your password online.

It is your responsibility to protect your eValley password, just as you would protect your ATM PIN. Never reveal your password.

No one from the credit union will ever call or email you to ask for your password.

2. Double Authentification
You will be asked to answer a few security questions. When you log in, eValley will choose one of those questions to verify your identity. If you are at a home computer that you know is safe, you can register that computer so that you do not have to answer a security question at every log in.

You will also be asked to provide a personal phrase. Use this phrase to confirm that you are indeed using RVCCU's eValley and have not been directed to a false sight.

If you do not see your personal phrase, do not log in and contact us as soon as possible.

3. Encryption
Your account information is protected as it passes from our credit union server to your personal computer. The information is encoded before it is sent out and is only decoded when you receive it through your internet browser. The encryption insures that third parties cannot intercept your account information. More information on encryption and secure servers is available from Thawte.

VISA® eZCardInfo

Access your VISA® Credit Card Account online and on mobile.

If you have an RVCCU VISA® Credit Card you can use our site to keep track of your account.

You'll be able to:

  • Check your balance and see your transactions

  • Review your statements

  • Pay your bill

  • Pay other bills using your VISA® Card

  • Set up automatic transaction and balance alerts

  • Analyze your spending

You'll find the link at the bottom of our website pages, or use the button below.

Online Loan Applications

If you can get a signal, you can get a loan.

Online loan applications are available for most of our Loan Options:

  • Auto and Recreational Vehicle Loans

  • Home Equity Lines of Credit

  • Home Equity Loans (Fixed Rate)

  • Signature/Unsecured Loans

  • VISA® Credit Cards and Limit Increase Requests

You don't need to be a current member to apply for a loan online. However, if your application is approved, you will be required to join the credit union for final loan approval.

After we receive your online application, you will typically be contacted within one business day.