Vehicle Loans

You Don't Have to Hate Your Payment.

Don't settle for a big payment to get the ride you want. Come to us first. You won't just get a great payment here, we'll help you find the market values on your purchase and trade-in before you start shopping.

If you already have a loan payment you hate, we can help you lower it by refinancing.

From buying a new RV to refinancing your current car loan, you'll find the payment you're looking for right here.

Why Get Your Loan Here?

No More Payment Struggle

We can either get you a great loan payment right from the start or we can help you lower the payment you already have. You don't have to be afraid of the end of the month.

The Benefits of Membership

  • You might be able to lower your loan rate with our many rate discounts

  • There are no application fees

  • We will never charge you prepayment penalties

  • Your loan decision will be made within 24 hours

  • You can set up automatic payments from your RVCCU Savings or Checking Account or make your payment through Payroll Deduction if it's available from your employer

More Buying Power

Having your loan ready before you shop gives you more power to negotiate the price of your car instead of focusing on loan terms—which is what the dealership wants. When you get your loan here, you can skip the high-pressure meeting with the dealership's finance officer.

Shopping Smart

You don't have figure out everything on your own. Come to us before you shop and we'll give you a free Black Book Value Report for purchases and trade-ins through our Auto Buyer Advocate service.

We'll also help you figure out what kind of payment and car price you can afford without breaking your budget.

What Kind of Vehicles?

As long as the vehicle has a valid title, it may qualify for financing.

  • New and Used Autos - Includes cars, trucks, and motorcycles

  • New and Used Recreational Vehicles - Includes boats, RVs, ATVs, personal watercraft, campers, and trailers

How Much Can I Finance?

We will work to get you on the road.

  • New and used vehicles can be financed up to 110% of the Black Book Value

  • Our loan terms range from 36 to 84 months depending on the age of the vehicle, loan amount, and your credit history